October 29, 2006

Turning Rebellion Into Money

So I'm browsing the blogosphere at work, trying desperately to avoid some assignment with an immediate deadline, when I come across Lefty's post about seeking some punk rock tunes. It ended with Mr. Brown encouraging me to move this movie up on my Netflix queue.

Thankfully, it was already up on top, and I am happy to say that Punk: Attitude is now one of my top 10 rock and roll movies of all time. Ladies and gentlemen, you simply must see this movie. Now.

Directed by Don Letts (who was as much a participant in the scene in London as observer), this is probably one of the most comprehensive documentaries - an hour and a half feature with two hours of bonus features, this encompasses punk in all of its incarnations - the garage punk/Nuggets movement; bands like the MC5, Stooges, and New York Dolls - as well as the American & British scenes, as well as the underground and "no wave" movements. Plus, it has Henry Rollins providing context, and that guy can hurt you. Seriously.

If you like rock and roll - if you hate the current teeny-bopper-punk bands as much as I do - hell, if you want to blow off your top - see this movie. Plus, it will encourage you to seek out a compilation of punk tunes much like this one. Trust me, if you do anything before the November 7th election, see this film.

(And Lefty - your punky mix CD is on its way)

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