November 30, 2006

Last Week's Ticket In This Week's Train Station

First, a gratuitous Graham Parker reference - let's see if our favorite Parker fans can identify the reference.

Anyway, the long and short of it - ankle's healing well, work's keeping me on my toes, and I'm recovering from a really cool Thanksgiving. (Having a cute-as-get-out godson helps). So, in order to celebrate, an update on the shows that I'm Netflixing, especially since it's cheaper than cable.

Deadwood - I owe Tom the Dog. Big time. This western is sheer genius, turning profanity into poetry, and giving us a small piece of "real" history. And that's just after the first four episodes.

House, Season 2 - I also owe Polite Scott; this is probably the closest we will ever come to a 21st century Sherlock Holmes. The medicine is non-guessable; the soapishness is just right. Makes me regret not going to medical school.

Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. - Mix a little Wild, Wild West with a slightly knowing sense of humor (think Army of Darkness), and you get this shoulda-been-a-hit. Bruce Campbell can do no wrong, and quite frankly, I've fallen in love with this actress all over again.

30 Days - After viewing the first disc, this is my second favorite "reality" show. (My first is Penn and Teller's Bull$h!+ on Showtime). Morgan Spurlock should receive a ton of free money for this show, examining the minimum wage, youth issues, and religious tolerance. Each episode touches on some other, deeper issues.

Justice League Unlimited - Why aren't the comics this good?

Coming Up on Blog THIS, Pal!: I answer Roger's questions; I discuss my top candidate for a comic book girlfriend; and of course, cool guy tips.

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