December 2, 2006

Answers and Reviews

Before I had left for Seattle, I had asked you all for questions. However, since Roger was the only person to participate, I wanted to answer his questions, but I'm also including - at no extra cost to you, the reader - some comic reviews. Let's get bloggin!

How dost we get out of Iraq? Will the Baker Commission help? - First, Roger, you don't have to talk like Thor in order to get my attention. My answer is...very, very carefully.

Birds of Prey #100 - It looks like Gail Simone may be going for an old-school Mission: Impossible feel to this book, and that's so frickin' cool. If this issue is any indication, the action's just getting started.

What is your place in the family birth order? How many sibs did your parents have and what are their birth orders? - I'm actually an only child, because my parents got perfection the first time around.

What do you mean, "That explains a lot"?

Wonder Woman #3 - As superficial and sexist as this sounds, I am only reading this for the Dodson art. For some reason, this issue felt very exposition heavy. I'll stick around for whenever 4 and 5 come out, but I don't think I'm going to be reading Wonder Woman regularly.

What are YOUR favorite cities? - Chicago (where I was born and raised), St. Louis, Seattle, Toronto. Least favorite city - Kansas City. No disrespect to you KC residents, but it's just not my kind of place. I don't feel comfortable there, and I don't know why.

Bullet Points # 1 - You know those Elseworlds where Superman's rocket would land somewhere other than Kansas, yet he still ended up being Superman? Especially when he was adopted by the Waynes? This "What If Steve Rogers Became Captain America" miniseries is sloppily uneven, portentious...oops, JMS wrote this. Explains a lot. I'll pass on issue 2.

Do you always vote, even on the local races? Why? - Yes, because quite frankly, I'm a firm believer that democracy is not a spectator sport. Local politics can have even a greater impact than national politics, and so it's important to make sure our leaders are held accountable.

End of soapbox.

JSA Classified # 19 - After the uneven Hourman arc, a really cool beginning for a Dr. Mid-Nite arc with a slightly different take on a classic villain. Definitely hanging around for this one.

Where the heck is that piece you did on smoking? I swear you did one since 1/10/05, but I can't find it. - It's in the cupboard, top shelf. (Actually, there have been several - e-mail me about the one you're thinking about)

52 # 29 -30 - This series is a mixed bag for me. On the one hand, some of the character handling of the JLA (and the Luthor metagene subplot) are kind of interesting. On the other hand, the Kingdom Come riffing - and some of the Batman stuff - leave me cold. And in a slightly snarky tone, I strongly suspect a Frigidaire in Batwoman's future. But that may be just me.

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