December 30, 2006

Old News Like Print Stains Across Your Mind

I'm actually taking a page from Greg's play book - he had suggested (about a year ago) a meme in which a blogger randomly selects text from various posts, one from each month, and posts them. In a blatant attempt to build my stats, here is the "Best of Blog THIS, Pal" for 2006.

January - Two words of advice to follow when you're hit by Wildcat: Stay Down.

February - I mean, surely in this CGI-driven world there's room for a great, quirky mystery series that's created by a guy who isn't Joss Whedon.

March - I've said it privately, and I'll say it publicly - Dark Shadows is the closest America will ever come to Doctor Who.

April - According to a newly passed St. Louis city ordinance, if you are linked to by at least three city bloggers, you must have at least one post per month on St. Louis-only content.

May - We had always known that Doctor Who had a charm...but a palpable sense of melancholy?

June - Often, I lay awake in bed at night, wondering if Alan Moore watched television as a child

July - ...double ham-fisted political commentary with a side of hash browns - if this is the new DC, I want off. Now

August - On behalf of male pop culture geeks everywhere, I would like to apologize to you women. Some of us are complete idiots.

September - ...we could use the readership, which consists of these five fine young gentlemen and, according to rumor, Peter Falk

October - I think that Kevin Smith could probably use a lesson or two from her (especially in terms of deadlines).

November - It will be like a super-hero version of Stuart Saves His Family, only with more punching

December - At the time, we took our baseball almost as seriously as St. Louis did

As always, thanks for reading, and looking forward to a healthy, happy 2007!

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