March 10, 2007

Ten Days and Counting...

I'm shooting to actually leave STL on 3/19, and am still in the midst of arrangements. Luckily, I'm thisclose to an apartment - might not be ideal, but it will keep the rain off my head, and got plenty of drugs for the kitty. I'll be blogging as much as I can, because I owe you guys

  • A Record You Should Own
  • A Movie Review that isn't about 300
  • DVD Reviews (including Idiocracy, the movie Fox didn't want you to see!)
  • 5 Things I'll Miss About St. Louis
  • A Way to Resolve the Chris Sims/Dave Campbell "feud"
  • An Open "Dear John" Letter to St. Louis, and
  • Other wacky ideas.

As you're waiting why not check out John's altjiranga mitjina? He writes a lot about music (tends to see a lot of cool bands), also posts various other things like polls and the "Thursday Thirteen" and he's also posted a new variety show from Dave Foley. (There's a great story behind the title, and it doesn't remind me of high school days the way the name of Greg's blog does).

Of course, if you want to see Japanese pie rodeo videos, you should always check out Andy.

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