March 18, 2007

To Quote Jack Knight From Starman # 80

I'm about to make like a banana and split.

This is it. I'll be leaving STL within the next day or so. Luckily, pal Brian will keep up the bozo thrashing that I started. Once I'm settled in my new digs, I'll give you guys an update (I'm thinking Thursday-ish).

Andy, please e-mail me recommendations of places where the women are warm and the beer is cold.

Dorian - please help Mike not be such a cheater pants. And Mike, Swamp Thing pajamas on a man your age is so not cool.

Someone please keep an eye on Greg. He tends to get a bit hyper. I think it's all the soda he drinks, but I'm not sure.

Chris, Dave - please consider my offer.

Roger, Lefty, Eddie, Fangirl, and Fred - stay groovy.

Scott - thanks for the "free samples". I will definitely enjoy recreational placebo use.

Everyone else on the net - don't worry, I'll be back in a few. If you want, please post your questions in the comments area and/or e-mail them to me, and my first podcast will consist of answering reader questions.

Finally, while you're waiting - the number 4 source of referrals to this blog come from Australia. So, in that spirit, here's some excellent Australian music and stuff.

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