April 7, 2007

Early Easter Eggs

As many of you know, I extended the deadline for your questions until the 8th...and since it's Easter, I thought I would provide some lovely Easter Eggs, in the form of the brilliant, short-lived, why-in-tarnation-isn't-this-on-dvd cartoon known as Freakazoid!

For more background information, check out Wikipedia and Jamie J. Weinman's article.

(All of these clips are safe for work - just a heads up. However, for those of you with more delicate constitutions, click here. Your system can't handle Freakazoid. Seriously)

Opening credits are always important.

Enjoy the two-part adventure, "Mission: Freakazoid"

Here's a clip that Scott can enjoy.

Here's a clip especially for Mike Sterling.

One of the first uses of Scream-O-Vision

Can your system handle the excitement?

A test of the emergency broadcast system

A lesson in French you'll never forget.

Infinite Crisis was never this fun.

And finally, this one's for the ladies.

Happy Easter, everyone!

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