April 11, 2007

I Always Follow Through on Threats, er, I Mean, Promises

Here's my inaugural podcast - be sure to listen to episode # 2: it's really episode one. (Lesson learned: never upload a podcast from a Flash Drive)

blogthispal's podcast

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EDIT - No, your eyes are not deceiving you; the poll overwhelmingly said that people thought the old template was hard to read, so I changed it. I also went back to Blogger's comments, as Haloscan acted wonky. Cleaned up the code a little bit, and...well, here's the new, improved blog!


redlib said...

I haven't listened yet, but I'm sure it's great. Def like the comments change-- I think about 50% of the time I wanted to comment to you I couldn't.
I think I'll be in Chicago in Oct--maybe we can meetup and geek out?

Gordon said...


If I'm available, let's geek out. Totally.

Church of Klugman said...

We also thank you for changing your template. We were starting to get a headache from trying to read it.

That and Roger Green's comments.

Roger Green said...

CoK- You wound me to the quick!

Gordon said...


If it's some consolation, trying to read my blog gave me headaches.

Not your comments.

Your pal,