April 20, 2007

Random Thoughts

Just some things that are on my mind, that may not be necessarily worth a full post.
  • DC's World War III...stunk. Just a note to DC's writers - next time, give us a plot and story. Don't just have people draw the white board notes of everything you missed. (One good thing about WW3 - I can use it to line my cat's litter pan.
  • The script to the "Smith and Jones" episode of Doctor Who is now online - I wonder if this means that I should send in my Sensorites/Krotons crossover episode?
  • Mini-review of Stephen King's Cell: starts off with a bang, ends with a whimper.
  • Note to Dan DiDio: OK, so you have one major DC Character take on aspects of his Vertigo counterpart, and who makes reference to "Alec Holland levels of power." Doesn't that automatically oblige you to bring back Swamp Thing into the mainstream DC universe? And therefore make your previous "Swamp Thing won't come back" quote full of hot gas? (Yes, Mike, I'm kinda sorta agreeing with you)
  • Mini-Review of Happy Accidents: mix indie relationship drama, time travel, and Vincent D'Onofrio, and you have one of his coolest performances in a "chick flick for guys" since The Whole Wide World
  • Gail Simone on Wonder Woman: About frickin' time... But this doesn't forgive DiDio for WW3. Or Swamp Thing
  • I liked The Prestige, but Christopher Nolan's tendency towards "this-movie-isn't-what-you-think-it-is" is starting to get annoying. Luckily, he does the occasional straightforward drama, so he's not approaching M. Night Shamaylan territory...but The Prestige rocks.
  • May's Record You Should Own will be podcast...and you guys are gonna like it. Trust me. Honestly.
  • Almost forgot - if you want to leave me comments on the blog, but don't want your internet traced, you can call and leave a message and/or fax me at 206-202-3384. If you're lucky, I may even use it as part of a podcast. So, feel free to leave a message with your thoughts. Go on. It's OK.

Finally, a video so geeky I'm almost ashamed to post it online...but I will.


Mikester said...

Everyone agrees with me eventually.

Ah HA HA HA! <--- evil laugh

Gordon said...


Have you ever woken up in the morning and thought, "What the heck was I smoking? I mean...Swamp Thing? What's that about?"