June 12, 2007

Hokey Smoke! It's that time again!

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That's right - given that I need something to podcast about, I am soliciting questions from you, the reader of this blog, and encourage you to ask your questions!

And if you're one of a lucky few, and come up with a good question, I will send you....some freebie that I pilfered from a health fair! Maybe it'll be a notebook, maybe a pen...who knows?

Also, you will get to hear your questions read out on a podcast - no area is off-limits! Whether it's general information or some embarrassing personal question, you can ask away, either by writing it in the comments or e-mailing it to me at blogthispal (at) gmail (dot) com by June 20th (or a week from Wednesday)!

Just a few minor rules:
  • First, a limit of three questions per person. This includes you, Mr. Green
  • You are welcome, if you have the technology, to e-mail me an mp3 of you asking your question aloud. Please. It will make it easier.
  • You are also welcome to post this notice and spread the word on your regular blog, if you're lacking content.
  • Again, nothing's out of bounds. Nothing.Got a question about comics? Ask. My personal grooming habits? Ask. Anything in between? Ask.
So, friends, you have a week - come up with something that will really stump me. Or, better yet, questions that sound funny when read out loud.

Thanks, and we now return you to our regular blog.


Roger Green said...

1. Chicago, St. Louis. Compare and contrast in terms of culture (whatever that means), architecture, sports, food.

2. Were you the guy in high school where all the girls confided in you their lovelorn problems, even when you had a mad crush on them?

3. How often do you clean and trim your fingernails and toenails?

Lefty said...

Well, I hope to have some equipement this weekend to start recording podcasts, KLFT, and even a question or two for your podcast...so maybe this weekend I'll email you with an mp3.

If not:

1. What do you think of the current presidential political field? Are there anyone who has certain risen to your attention?

2. Have you ever taken a vacation or detour simply to see, touch, or be around Rock N Roll History?

3. What TV show has a better chance of coming back or redone (and actually has a good change of being good): Bonanza, MASH, A-Team, The Prisoner (which I need to watch sometime), or 21 Jump Street.

Church of Klugman said...

What are your three favorite Klugman performances?