June 11, 2007

Open Letter to Russell T. Davies & Stephen Moffitt

Dear Russell & Stephen,

First, Russell - Blink absolutely positively rocked. In the old days, an episode like this would have been seen as a budget necessity - it's great that it's so solidly built. Even if the trailer was extremely minimal.

Stephen - whatever you drink/smoke/whatever to write these episodes, keep doing it. The Eccleston two-parter, The Girl in the Fireplace...you are brilliant. So much so that I seriously want to snog you. Full, on the lips, man on man action.

However, I'll settle for Carey Mulligan. Please send her to Chicago. Or, conversely, I'll come to Wales - I have some story pitches for you.

I can't wait for the next episode.

Your pal,

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Brian said...

Don't know if it's fanwanking or idle wishing, but I have read a rumor or two that the producers contacted Carey Mulligan to return for one or two episodes in season 4. However, as much as I'd love it, I'm going to take this rumor with a tub of salt.