June 18, 2007

A Memo to Russell T. Daves

To: Russell T. Davies, Producer of Doctor Who

From: Gordon, Blogger

Dear Russell,

I am absolutely gobsmacked. In a good way. And I take back everything nasty I said about you.

It wasn't enough to bring Captain Jack back this week. Oh, no.

Tying in all sorts of plot threads.

The last 20 minutes of "Utopia".

The fact that, normally, this episode might have been used as a series closer...but is, instead, the first of a three part episode.

What did Dr. Who fans do to deserve such goodness?

Thank you, and I'll keep watching.

Your pal,

1 comment:

Brian said...

I'll admit - after the great opening with Capt. Jack, I was losing focus, but those last 20 minutes were perhaps the best 20 minutes of the entire series.

It looks as if they actually spent some time planning out this season, as opposed to last, where the Torchwood references seemed tacked on at best. This season, it looks as if everything will tie together.

"How about you come in for a chat while I tell you my plans and you work out a way to stop them? I DON'T THINK!" Awesome.

Next week can't get here soon enough.