June 17, 2007

Father's Day Bits

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I have to admit, my mood hasn't been the most pleasant the past two weeks...mostly because June 5th would have been my father's birthday.

Hard to believe it's a year since he's passed, but in that spirit, I offer you - the reader - some random tidbits collected from the blogosphere.
  • Like Tom and Kevin, I am hopping on the LOL Cats bandwagon. In fact, the picture on this post is a gift for Mike - go ahead and use freely, pal.
  • There's still time to ask me the questions you would like me to podcast. Lefty and Roger were more than brave...and remember: it's open. Nothing off limits. You ask, I gotta answer.
  • I probably should be more outraged at the "reveal" in New Avengers # 31 and/or the infamous Mary Jane zombie cover...but right now, it's just too difficult. At this point, it seems that Marvel doesn't even seem to care...which is sad. I'm not surprised, which makes me seem even more bitter and cynical. [Please note: I am not claiming that this cover is not offensive....only that, given Marvel's track record so far, it should not be surprising]
  • I would probably also make an appropriately snarky comment about DC, with canceling Flash at issue 13 and possibly bringing back Barry Allen...but when Ragnell posts news like this, a small - but fleeting - feeling of hope burns in my heart. Thanks!
  • (Well, to be honest, so did Birds of Prey # 107).
  • RAB recently memed me to provide eight facts about myself....so I'll lazily link back to this post and add that, thanks to working at a treatment center, I won an autographed picture of Bill and Lois Wilson. Yes, that Bill and Lois.
  • Although I think there's a noble goal involved, this is just nutty.
  • Current guilty pleasure: The Next Big Thing. It's like American Idol on acid...although, quite honestly, I watch mostly due to my obsession around one person.

Thanks for reading, and always remember - a woodchuck could not chuck that much wood if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

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RAB said...

I could kick myself...because I vividly remember reading that post (and being so jealous of you for the whole John Cleese and mother incident) but the mental synapses necessary to realize you'd already done the meme failed to do their job. It's not for lack of attention or interest, I promise; that's just how well my brain works.