July 30, 2007

Springfield: City of Wonders

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Yes, I know I've been away from the blog for a bit - I have a good excuse. My cousin and his 10 year old daughter are visiting from Virginia, and unlike some people, the adults wear the pants in our family.

Yes, even the women wear pants in my family. We're strange.

So it was in that spirit that we decided to check out The Simpsons Movie. I can honestly say - there will not be a funnier movie out this year.

It is, in all honesty, an elongated version of your typical Simpsons episode...and that's not a bad thing. In fact, the filmmakers have fun with that concept. Saying more would only spoil it, but dudes, you have to see this movie.

Also, another note - there are some jokes and concepts that might not necessarily be appropriate for kids. Three words: "Naked Bart Simpson".

However, this film has a ton of great jokes, and I can attest to the honesty of this film in one regard. Having worked for an EPA-funded project, they really are evil. (Albert Brooks is frickin' brilliant as the EPA Director).

But you need to see this film. Seeing this film is good for democracy. It will also make you laugh yourself sick at the awesomeness of "Spider-Pig".

Also, as a tie-in, Burger King allows you to "Simpsonize" your photo. I've posted a picture of yours truly to this blog. Feel free to consider this an informal "meme" and get involved.

This movie deserves an Oscar, folks.

Coming up: an open note to Gail Simone! August's Record You Should Own! My Take on Doctor Who Series 4! And....a new weekly feature!

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