September 10, 2007

Buy Me A Ticket - I Am Sooooooooooo There

OK, here's the new trailer to the Iron Man movie.

If I'm not dating anyone, am willing to be arm candy for those who want to go.

P.S. to Lefty - Purple Rain ahead of A Hard Day's Night? What the heck are you thinking????????????????


Lefty said...

I stand firmly behind my placement of Purple Rain ahead of Hard days, only because I prefer the Beatles later work more than their mop-top era. Also, Purple Rain start to finish is one of the best albums ever made....even with Darling Nikki.

I hope my lists start generating comments and discussion. I'm having fun with it.

Roger Green said...

It's hard to say: HDN is, to my recollection, the first soundtrack I'm aware of where the artists wrote, performed and acted - I think Elvis' songs were written by others; it certainly has great historical significance.

I guess my disappoint with PR is that it didn't have those great The Time songs.

But it feels,if not like apples and oranges, then Macs and Delicious, a matter of taste.