October 24, 2007

5 Things That Keep Me From Blogging

I know that I've been away from the old blog awhile, and I have some good excuses. A temp assignment (in between consulting/grant writing gigs) has kept me busy.

However, I thought that, since several of you like it when I'm in crankypants mode, here are five things that you need to know about me, right now.
  1. Feeling like I'm starring in a version of The Devil Wears Prada. Example: after running out to get paper due to a mistake by our normal supplier, I get called in and scolded for buying paper that was "too nice". Please excuse the sarcasm, but I apologize for making a temporary effort while continuing to create a long-term solution.
  2. Richard Roeper - It's not enough that he makes himself out to be kind of a yuppie Mike Royko, or that he basically got his television job kissing up to Roger Ebert - he's rather obnoxious. Several of his recent columns in the Sun-Times - including one on teenage drinking - were full of I-know-better-than-you pronouncements. His interaction on At The Movies with various guest hosts has been short of annoying (but thankfully, one of my new role models can go toe-to-toe with him). So Mr. Roeper, here's a challenge - have me as a guest host. I won't tolerate that kind of behavior, no siree bob.
  3. One thing I love about Chicago - Harold's Chicken Shack. It even has its own blog. And St. Louis needs a franchise as well.
  4. Why do so many people hate on Kevin Smith's Jersey Girl - It's a well-crafted, heartwarming story about a young man adjusting to fatherhood. Besides, it's probably one of the few really solid performances from Ben Affleck. So why all the hate?
  5. I'm planning on trying out for Wheel of Fortune - This weekend, tryouts are being held in the area. That way, once I get on and win....well, why should Roger have all the fun?

Yes, I'm working on the podcast - that should be recorded, edited, and up this weekend, along with the Sundays in the Village post. And November's Record You Should Own...may be a special report, with all the brouhaha in the music business.



Siskoid said...

I love Jersey Girl. So there. Let our numbers grow.

Ben Varkentine said...

I don't. I thought it was jaw-droppingly bad.

Thomwade said...

I liked it. I just decided not to tell anyone after seeing how alone I found myself to be in liking it. So I will never tell s soul. Ever.

Oh crap.