October 27, 2007

Ave Atque Vale, Mr. Bacardi

As many of you may be aware, Johnny Bacardi is folding his comics blog after five years of hard work. (He's not giving up entirely - you can always visit him on his Livejournal page). I, for one, will miss it - it was one of the first comics blogs I read on a regular basis, and which had a small influence on me deciding to focus on comics.

But in tribute, I thought I would post a "meme" - it's one of those quizzes that crops up occasionally:
What female superhero are you???


You are the anti-hero. Now quite a hero but prone to heroic actions and a protector of abused women. Dark, sleek and full of feminine wiles, you steal your way into people's hearts. Meow!

Personality Test Results

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As the Romans would say, Ave atque vale, Mr. Bacardi

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