October 3, 2007

Blogging Bits

Hey, everyone,

This has been an extremely tough week, so since things are starting to settle down, I thought I would do my usual random link blogging.
  • No, I did not watch Pushing Daisies, because from the commercials, it contains Barry Sonnenfeld's usual look-how-quirky-we-are style. Plus, I hate what he did to Wild, Wild West.
  • Caught the Bionic Woman premiere last week, and it was...well, dull. I give it three episodes before they start "showing skin", if you know what I mean.
  • If you ever get teased for liking comics, or for taking them "too seriously", show the accuser Air Guitar Nation. Now these are people with no sense of irony.
  • And now, an announcement - later this month, I will be writing a tv and dvd related review column for Comic Related. I'll give all of you the details later, but for now, a public thank you to Chris Mosby for featuring this on his blog.
  • I would be sorely tempted to tease Greg about Arizona and the Cubs being in the playoffs, but since Phoenix consists mainly of transplanted Chicagoans....and it is the Cubs....Greg has the high ground on this one.
  • Profound Thought of the Day: Deal or No Deal is simply Jeopardy for dumb people.
  • Watching Doctor Who: Survival - besides it being one of the better DVD releases - has proven one thing, to be blogged about later. That fact, ladies and gentlemen, is that former script editor Andrew Cartmel can be just as annoying as Terrance Dicks.
  • Thanks to Tom the Dog, I now realize I am no longer alone in hating the Spader love fest that is Boston Legal
And now, it's bed time.


CoffeeJunkee said...

Congrats on the Comic Related gig.

Looking forward to it.

Greg said...

Why would you tease me? I'm a Phillies fan, so you can lay into me for the crapfest they just put up for two straight days at home, but as for Cubs-Diamondbacks, I'm rooting for Arizona because I live here, and I LOVE seeing the Cubs lose. LOVE IT! Explain yourself, sir!

I doubt if Phoenix consists MAINLY of displaced Chicagoans, but there was a BIG concern around here that Game 1 would be 50-50 in terms of fans. The Diamondbacks' president was on the radio this morning talking about how happy he was that the Arizona fans overwhelmed the Chicago fans. It's nice that they did, but it's kind of sad when that's such a concern in your home park.

And how stupid is Lou Pinella? You make the call!

Gordon said...


I would tease you because - let's face it - it's hard to play baseball in a desert!!!!!

I mean, come on, why not move to someplace more civilized like, oh, I don't know, Branson, or something.

Your pal,

Roger Green said...

Diamondbacks - feh.