October 6, 2007

For Your Weekend Listening Pleasure

Well, ok, you've listened to this month's Record You Should Own podcast, and you're looking for more podcast thrills? Here are some suggestions:
  • Andy and Golfwidow have recorded a brand spanking new episode of Podcrapular - and I think that, given a certain sound bit, they should consider this as a sponsor
  • Coffee Junkie - who has visited the comments section of his blog - has a pretty cool podcast and blog himself. Go visit.
  • Finally, I am seriously loving Radio Free Skaro, which focuses on Doctor Who. It's actually fun, and doesn't seem to take itself too seriously, unlike Podshock. RFS has finished commentary on Season Three, so start downloading and start listening.


CoffeeJunkee said...

Hey gordon, Thanks for the props....I wasnt really fishing for promotion just inviting you to listen....But, thanks.

I have been listening to RFS for some time now, and I have to agree with you....Much better than Podshock.

I saw on your twitter that the Prisoner episode 'Hammer into Anvil' was a wee bit intense..... I actually just watched this episode last night....and all I can say is...."WOW" that was a mind blower....What he did to #2....#6 is a bad-ass!

golfwidow said...

I'm at golfwidow.net. How do I get the kidney people to pay me to endorse their product?

CoffeeJunkee said...

Hey Golfwidow. I checked out your podcast last night...You guys are funny. Love the show, keep up the great work.