October 13, 2007

Saturday Stuff

Bender From Futurama
Originally uploaded by Gordon D
Well, I'm just coming down off a really cool-as-heck Legion of Super Heroes episode (well, that and being called "infamous", said with tongue firmly in cheek).

However, I wanted to invite you on Monday, to check out Comic Related for the premiere of my brand new monthly column, "TV Party", which will feature comic-related television & DVD news, reviews, and commentary. (Yes, it's named after the Black Flag song featured on an episode of Futurama). A special note of thanks to Chris Mosby, who featured this on his blog Tales from the Longbox, which is well worth adding to your blogroll.

Speaking of which, finally added Coffee Junkee's Cafe to my blogroll - it's a podcast that's well worth your time.

Also, there's still plenty of time to submit a question to the upcoming Blog This, Pal! Q & A podcast. So far, I have one question...which is going to make for a very short podcast. Plus, there are so many ways to submit a question, it's easy for you - the reader - to join on in.

Coming to the blog: Sundays in the Village, the Watchmen/Outer Limits post I keep threatening to write, and more comics related stuff.

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