February 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, Doc Savage!

Almost forgot, but thankfully, the mighty Johnny Bacardi and Mark Evanier never fail...today is the 75th anniversary of a character from whom all contemporary comics/pop culture derives...the mighty Doc Savage.

My initiation to Doc came with a dog-eared copy of Man of Bronze checked out of my local library at eight years old. I followed him with Marvel (both the color & black and white series), DC (well, kind of - Denny O'Neill's mini-series made me go back to the pulps), and Milennium's as-close-as-you're-gonna-get series.

However, for those who would like to learn more, start here and here.

And also, you, too, can write like Doc's author!

Or, if you want to buy some to sample for yourself, check out Nostalgia Ventures' reprints

Thanks, Doc, for corrupting my youth.

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Johnny B said...

I hadn't seen that writing template before- that's pretty cool!