April 22, 2008

Open Letter to Dave Campbell

Dear Dave,

First, I am really saddened to hear that you are ending your comics blog - quite frankly, it was a pioneer. A breath of fresh air amongst the pontificating, mostly my own. You brought me many hours of joy, whether it be focusing on Power Girl, or bringing us the best in climactic moments from films....or even furthering the English language...which is much more than Sims ever did.

I'll even forgive you for featuring that goofy guy from Days of Our Lives. And that "marching in my plaid shirt" video.

But anyway, I wanted to say - thanks for making the blogosphere fun again. My only wish is that you and Sims had fought against a common foe (I even said so about a year ago). But I understand that ABC calls, and that Tom Bergeron is probably hipper to hang with than say, oh, Mike Sterling.

(Which, if that's the case, I want to head to a parallel universe where the opposite is true)

But thanks again. And I would like to offer the following as my meager tribute to your genius:

Thanks again, and best of luck.

Your pal,

P.S. I could take Sims in a bar fight. Honestly.

P.P.S. Ever watch Ironside? The man is drinking bourbon out of diner coffee cups in the afternoon. He rolls in a 1930's police van. Hardcore.


David Campbell said...

Thanks pal. I am IRONSIDE! As long as I get to use the Ironside theme music, that's the best ever.

Gordon D said...

Dave - it's now officially yours.

Rock on!