June 28, 2008

Wizard World Wackiness

First, a hearty "hello' to everyone - yes, I know it's late, but I have some news. Good news.

Although I was initially going to just blog about volunteering at Wizard World, thanks to Chuck at Comic Related, I acquired a press pass.

Which means all sorts of goodies - some for the blog, others for this month's TV Party.

Anyway, before I retire for the night, I promise - pictures, commentary, news.

But just two things that I want to blog about before I head off to dreamland and prepare to schmooze, I mean, meet my second (or is it third?) favorite redhead:
  • For the organizers of Wizard World - if you're going to make volunteers wear dorky orange t-shirts, make sure you put a picture of the lantern on the front. It makes it look much cooler.
  • To the person wearing a full Nazi uniform this morning - unless you're filming a movie set in World War 2, dressing up like a Nazi isn't cool. Especially in front of a guy with the letters "-ski" in his last name. Just sayin'.
For those at Wizard World, I'll be wearing a wrinkly off-white shirt (with black t-shirt), jeans, and with a semi-realistic cowhide "man-bag".

(I don't think it's real cowhide - just looks awfully close, so PETA, please don't protest me).

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