July 17, 2008

Lamest. Blog. Pause. Ever.

I know, I know, I've been away from a blog a bit too long....mostly engaging in "lazy blogger's syndrome" and depending on other material to keep current. (Plus, I have to admit - I've been neglecting the comic reading, and have to play catchup). Luckily, this weekend will bring some new content...but in a semi-regular tradition, I'll be posting some small bits to help you catch up. Stuff that I could post tons about...but these little diversions help me gear up for major league blogging.

And now, some small items of interest:
  • There's a new TV Party column up at Comic Related, and I really have to thank Chuck for getting me a press pass. Now, if there's anyone who's on the planning committee for Gallifrey 2009 who wants to shell out for me live blogging (and a friend or two to be disclosed later), please let me know.
  • For my employers and fellow co-workers: despite the fact that one of the top 5 search phrases for this blog is "ways to kill time at work", I would never condone using the Internet for personal reasons. And yes, I am watching episodes of Ironside on Hulu for professional research purposes.
  • After reading Sebastian Faulks' Devil May Care, I'm unsure if it's just an uneven pastiche of Ian Fleming...or a step above fan fiction.
  • Some think the upcoming Watchmen movie will be awesome - some will be just ok with it. Watch the trailer and judge for yourself.
  • Speaking of which...I came under some slight criticism (if you can call being called an "idiot" and accused of parroting a film instructor slight) on another Internet forum due to this post on His Girl Friday. I say this just to provide some perspective - this is definitely not an academic or scholarly view of film. If you want to insult me, either do it via e-mail, or the comments section of this blog....or even to my face. If you respect me, I won't make some snide remark about how it's nice that the Ain't It Cool forum denizens now have some "book larnin" under their belt. Seriously. Get over it.
  • Does anyone know if there's a list of comic-related non-profits like the Hero Initiative and the Hero Foundry? I have a blog-related idea to help such organizations, and would appreciate any help.
  • New favorite online toy. Click on "timeline" and watch what happens.
  • Be sure to catch the next installment of Radio Free Skaro, as episode 92 of the plucky little podcast will discuss my second favorite Doctor Who story, quite by accident.
  • Finally...next week there'll be a post previewing August's Record You Should Own (which will, hopefully, be on a new podcast host). Here's a video previewing October, because you can never have too much Captain Sensible:


Roger Owen Green said...

I have no idea why you're apologizing. Compared with some of your colleagues...

Gordon D said...

It's the principle - at least *I* didn't abandon the blog for video gamers :)....