August 21, 2008

Unshelving a Meme

I was at work this morning, talking with pal/co-worker/fellow blogger Ryan about the whole Face Your Manga/Stop the Manga phenomenon, which lasted...about a week. For those not in the know - on Twitter, someone posted a manga-style avatar, which led to people adopting similar avatars....and then the inevitable backlash, resulting in several early adopters soon leaving...and several of those who left adopting a slightly that's-so-five-minutes-ago attitude. (They know who they are)

But anyway, I'm sitting at my office with my little collection of work books, including a tome about my favorite recreational drugs, my bible of influence, and leadership lessons from a fictional character. Ryan passes by, makes note, and heads back to his desk. Needing to discuss the pressing issues of the day, I head to his cubicle, remarking about my diverse book collection at home.

"You know what would really be cool?" he asked.

Knowing full well that I would not be able to write about my thoughts on my PG-related blog, I shook my head.

"If we started a meme where people posted pictures of their bookshelves...we could do a flickr stream, people could twitter about their bookshelves, and that would be cool..."

So in that spirit - and because, let's face it, I have no original ideas right now - I'm starting a meme. Take a digital picture of your bookshelf (or shelves). Post them on your blog and/or put them on flick. Let's get this meme a-rollin'!

My extensive graphic novel collection - and yes, I do need to clean up.

My office bookshelf, with the curious juxtaposition of Leonard Nimoy with Sherlock Holmes. Or Edgar Allen Poe next to Counseling the Chemically Dependent, with a thank-you to an old boss

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Siskoid said...

A cool idea, but I don't have enough room on a camera to take everything. Notoriously, my friends will no longer help me move because of the book volume.