November 13, 2008

How Elections Determine Viewing Choices

Didn't realize this until recently - hence, the delayed action in posting.

PRE-2008: Mandatory viewing of the episode "Free For All" of The Prisoner. Major themes of episode deal with flaws in democratic process, whether citizens truly have the power to free choice, and how the media adversely affects perceptions of issues, diluting them into harsh soundbites. Main character taken against his will, interrogated, and promised rewards for "participating" in the system. Unflattering portrait of politics.

AFTER 2008 ELECTION - Avoided The Prisoner, chose instead to watch Justice League: New Frontier. Major themes involve banding together for a common good, transcending personal demons, and spreading the cause of hope rather than fear. Focusing on transition between "heroic ages", deals with several individuals' attempts to make sense of confusing and seemingly paranoid times. Film ends with not one, but two conflicted individuals embracing their heroic destinies, as well as lots of people punching dinosaurs.

Question - What does this say about our country?

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Roger Owen Green said...

well, that picture of Obama in front of the Superman statue kinda says it all, doesn't it?