November 18, 2008

Shout-Outs to Two Comic Lovin' Pals

With the holidays coming up, I wanted (in my own way) to give two shout-outs to two comic-lovin' pals; guys who have recently accomplished quite a bit, and whom I want to give some appropriate props.

First, my good friend Chuck has totally revamped Comic Related - if you go to the site, it has redefined the Platonic ideal of coolness. It's sharper looking, is a little more interactive, and quite frankly, is a great place to visit for news, reviews, and other cool things.

And secondly, a double shout-out to Rich of Comic By Comic, who not only has a new addition to his household, but who also celebrates a birthday today! In that spirit, given his and my appreciation of the talents of one Ms. Kristen is a clip that shows off those talents. In church.

Happy birthday, Rich!


Rich said...

Thanks Gordon!

That's...that's some Youtube find you have there!

Gordon D said...

I have another; however, I'm unsure it's appropriate for a family blog, and involves the voice of the Cryptkeeper.

(Plus, you gotta see REEFER MADNESS: THE MUSICAL. You'll thank me later)