January 1, 2009

Double Barrelled Year-End Retrospective

Yes, it's time once again for another edition of the podcast - this time, it's looking back at 2008, going over the highlights and just me basically jawing on for about an hour. You can either download it directly from the libsyn web site, or listen with the embedded player below (or on the sidebar - for your convenience):

But wait - there's more! I think it was Greg Burgas - or was it Shecky Greene - who first informed me of a meme where you randomly select a line from your blog - one post per month for the past year - and then post the lines (and links) publicly. So let's review what's happened on the blog over the past month, and please enjoy this small sampling of the blog. (Hey, click the Share This icon and send it to your friends!)

January - As long time readers of this blog are aware, when I'm not engaging in useless pursuits (like stalking Bill Corbett), I enjoy reading good books.

February - Make comics better. Promote good comics. Avoid and openly criticize bad ones. Invest in a diverse range of comics.

March - I suggest, as a title, we call it "The Thrilla in Vanilla"

April - "Duck, Dr. Wayne, Duck!"

May - And now, because I can, a picture of Martha Jones in a tub of goo

June - If not, please remember this simple statement, especially when you think that "Somebody should do something" You are somebody. And you can do something.

July - I don't think any other song says, "Good to kill zombies by" any more articulately than this one.

August - So to my coworkers - if, on Friday, I take a little extra time for lunch, I hope you'll understand - I'm not avoiding my job. I'm rebuilding my connections. I'm building a home.

September - Everyone should see this at least once in their lives.

October - What I am about to write will...well, make me a marked man in Chicago.

November - Hugo, as a result, is indestructible, has great strength, and quite frankly...leads a relatively complicated life.

December - Personally, if loving a comic featuring a guy with a big glowing stick fighting crime with a guy in a Santa suit is wrong...I just don't wanna be right.

Also, there's a mini-review in the podcast, so please feel free to click below to order this year's favorite Christmas present:

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Roger Owen Green said...

There's a guy over in Albany, NY who just STOLE the second half of your blog post. Please have him reported IMMEDIATELY.