January 4, 2009

Random Comic Thoughts

Now that the holiday season is over, it's time once again for me to get full-on back into the blogging game. Here are some various thoughts on comics (and two Doctor Who-related thoughts)

  • Favorite comic of the moment: Farscape # 1. Yeah, sure, I could have taken a colleague's word for it...but I really have been digging this comic. The writing (by the creator and one key writer) reads like a natural post-Peacekeeper War follow-up, yet seems easily accessible for new readers. Buy this, people. You'll thank me later.
  • Much like my role model Mike Sterling, I also really enjoyed Final Crisis Secret Files, which somehow manages to meld Bronze-age style writing into a more modern context. So who cares what the rest of the Internet thinks?
  • Doctor Who: The Forgotten # 5 continues to show why I've loved the book - between the seeming flashback to the 8th Doctor during the Time War, and a nice 9th Doctor Christmas story...well, that might be good enough. But the last page reveal...if Tony Lee is heading where I think he's heading, he's either insanely brilliant or brilliantly insane.
  • You know, based on Captain America: Theater of War, I might like All Star Batman & Robin if Howard Chaykin, rather than Frank Miller, was writing it.
  • Speaking of Mr. Miller, is no one else surprised that The Spirit is tanking at the box office?
  • Ok, so let me get this straight: Hank Pym, at the end of Secret Invasion: Requiem, decides to honor his dead ex-wife (a woman he's been pretty much a creep to) not by, say, changing his behavior, or acting more honorably...but by putting on her costume and assuming her identity? Even with all the complications in Marvel, that just seems...creepy.
  • Much like the Twitterverse, I followed Mike's lead and joked around about "brave choices" for the eleventh Doctor. However, once the announcement was made, I am not sure what disappointed me more - those who were complaining about a man who has not been seen on American screens...or the cheap shots at his appearance. Granted, the Internet can be a nasty place, but come on, people...
Now that felt much better....

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