January 28, 2009

KITH Behind the Scenes - Part Three

(The following post was originally presented in April, 1994, and resulted from a Toronto trip to see a taping of the Kids in the Hall's final season. Except for formatting, this post is being presented as it originally was - punctuation and spelling errors included. Enjoy this TARDIS-free journey into my past...Updated December 18, 2020) 

CHAPTER 3 -- THE KIDS I MET! Here are some little stories about each of the Kids: 

1) KEVIN--although I didn't meet him, he and Dave danced to SMOASP. He dances....well, pretty funny. And we love him for it. 

2) SCOTT--I didn't meet him per se, but he was outside with Bellini (wearing clothes) and someone else talking, and it seemed (to me) like it was important. Some idiot kept poking him in the back, saying "Excuse me, Scott" but Scott kept ignoring him. Later, while signing someone else's shirt, he was called back to do a pickup (aka a redo of a scene/a shot which couldn't be done during a sketch), and his handwriting slowed down considerably. 

3) BRUCE--the most reticent of the Kids, he actually showed up Wednesday night after the show, still in his Shona makeup. He talked with my fellow travelers (after they said they came all the way from Texas, he responded "that worries me"), and kind of ignored me. OK, but seemed a little "get me outta here" 

  4) DAVE--met him after I met Bruce. He's pretty cool--even noticed that I really WAS from Chicago (Chicagoans pronounce it Chi-CAH-go rather than Chi-CAW-go). After I told him Toronto was like Chicago, except not as many guns, he responded "Well, we're working on increasing our gun quota". Really cool--I even have a picture which another KITH fan took of me with him. 

5) MARK--Mark came out Saturday afternoon. As he presented himself in front of the studio, like an idiot I called out, "Hey, Mark--I'M CRUSHING YOUR HEAD!" And I have a picture which another KITH fan took of him with me--although my camera didn't work the first two times due to a wrong aperture setting. (Mark even said about my camera "One of those small Minoltas, eh? Pretty good camera"). Well, now on to the sketches I saw--and, remember, if you need more info, just ask! 

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