January 27, 2009

KITH Behind the Scenes - Part Two

(The following post was originally presented in April, 1994, and resulted from a Toronto trip to see a taping of the Kids in the Hall's final season. Except for formatting, this post is being presented as it originally was - punctuation and spelling errors included. Enjoy this TARDIS-free journey into my past...revised December 18, 2020) 


Well, there were several things that really impressed me about the taping of the Kids episodes--several little factoids which you might be impressed by:

1) THE KIDS DON'T USE TELEPROMPTERS! That's right--the Kids do NOT use teleprompters, which I find really, really impressive. There was only one flub per episode, but that can be chalked to pressure, tiredness, etc--for example, Bruce flubbed a line in a monologue which was the last line of the last scene, and there were flubs in the middle of a sketch on Saturday (more about these in Chapters 4 & 5, which goes into more detail about what sketches were taped). 

2) THE KIDS ACTUALLY TAKE TIME OUT TO MEET THEIR FANS! Yes, sometimes before and after, we were able to meet some of our favorite Kids--Wednesday night, I was able to meet both Bruce AND Dave (although, like a total idiot, I forgot my camera), and Saturday afternoon, I talked to Mark (which I did remember to bring my camera for). They chose not to meet the fans Saturday night, but being the last taping for that block, that's OK--they were tired and beat (more about the Kids I met in Chapter 3!) 

3) HOW THE EPISODES COME TOGETHER! Well, what happens is that the Kids write in a block of weeks, then decide which sketches will and won't work, then do a whole lotta tapings. Since April 2nd was the last taping for this block, and the FINAL taping is late May/early June, we can guess that after their tour, they'll go back to the grind writing, and then decide which skits meet the KITH seal of approval. 

4) THE CANADIANS SURE LOVE THEIR HOCKEY! I tried to watch an episode of the Kids on CBC Friday night, but it was preeempted by a hockey game. Go figure. Well, since I introduced a little tidbit in nugget # 2, I think I'd better get to writing THAT note rather quickly....

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