July 26, 2009

Hey Lord, Don't Ask Me Questions - The Reboot

Sorry for all the self-absorption: I promise more blogging objectivity in the future, but I thought I'd indulge this one time.

As many of you know, much like Roger and Mike Sterling, I often open my blog (or, more accurately, my podcast) to reader and pal questions. Sometimes I offer prizes, but this time, I'm offering the chance for you to learn a little something more about me. And maybe even have me crack jokes about your questions.

Here's the deal - I'm planning on recording a special answer podcast in mid-August. If you have a question you would like me to answer about anything - comics, Doctor Who, politics, or just for some old fashioned advice, please feel free to ask me before Saturday, August 15th
And there are so many ways you can submit questions, including
  • good, old fashioned e-mail - just send to gordon@blogthispal.com
  • DM or tweet me on Twitter (just add an #askthispal hashtag so I know it's a question)
  • Record and e-mail me a file with your question
  • Message me on Facebook
  • Leave a comment on this post!
Don't worry - I'll be posting reminders. And for co-workers - you can't just approach my cubicle and ask me something out loud. You actually have to submit like everyone else.

So please, no question is too personal, embarrassing, or complex - ask away!

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