September 4, 2009

1,200 Posts Down the Road!

That's right - this very blog has made it's 1,200th post (of course, since this blog hit post 1,000 a year ago, that only means I've been slacking). But in that spirit, here are some things you can look forward to seeing on this very blog:
  • September's "Record You Should Own"
  • Another very special "One Web Day" podcast
  • An online surprise birthday for pal Chuck with cake and pony rides and all sorts of wonderful good things
  • A review of a Marx Brothers play. Put on in this decade.
  • I watched Trial of A Time Lord - and I'll tell you if you have to!
  • A special September TV Party on Comic Related; and
  • A nice countdown-to-Halloween event (which you can vote on - just check the upper right corner for the poll).
Here's to more online shenanigans! But first, blame Sterling for this rip on my favorite podcast:
Blame Sterling for this one

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