September 7, 2009

September's Record You Should Own (and other Labor Day Listening)

It's that time once again (so soon after August's choice) - for this Labor Day, I've uploaded several "classic" Records You Should Own podcasts on the host site, but this month's selection is a rarely-heard (but oft-covered) band who has done some great songs...and whose second-best album is a series of radio-only records.

Interested? Then please, check out this month's podcast either directly from the site, or via the embedded player in the sidebar.

Also, happy Labor Day! (I'll be spending part of the day with the godson - photos to follow)


Roger Owen Green said...

Damn - haven't heard August yet (I do it at work, because it doesn't work at home).

Gordon D said...

Don't worry - August's is still up for download via itunes and