September 8, 2009

Whither Indiana

You know, there's a very common sport in Chicago - at least, with my family and friends - that is well regarded.

And that, of course, is Indiana bashing.

Why, I have no idea - first, they're next to Ohio, which really doesn't do much for their reputation. Plus, any state that gives us Kurt Vonnegut and Avery Brooks gets bonus points in my view.

(Plus, my godson lives there with my cousin, so I can't really point the finger - recent photos included in the slideshow below)

But today, for no reason other than I can....I'm going to highlight some Indiana bloggers.

(And post pictures of my godson. Did I mention that?)

First, there's Mark Gibson, who writes a pretty cool blog of pop culture-type stuff. You might want to check it out, especially the fact that he seems to be pulling out of a tough period. (Plus, his writing is simply a hoot)

Then, there's mutual friend Tony Collett, whose blog has some nice, pithy little comments. (Just a heads-up; he uses one of those pay-per-post services, so you might have to wade through some "commercial" messages)

Then, one of my newest favorites is a young lady who blogs under the name, "Sea of Green". She writes about comics and other pop-culture type stuff, and although we disagree about "Justice League: Cry for Justice", she's still cool.

And no, I won't mention former co-worker/antagonist Andy, because he lives in Chicago now. Plus, he has my cell phone number, and will probably call me about personal hygiene, or something.

But enough of my rambling - pictures of Logan - for you!

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Sea-of-Green said...

Hey, making fun of Hoosiers is all fine and good. After all, here in Indianapolis, we pick on the Chicago Bears all the time. Ya call that a football team? HA! ;-)

INDIANA — where South Bend is in the north, North Vernon is
in the south, and French Lick is nothing like it sounds!