November 2, 2009

Building a Better Sandman

This past Halloween saw me take on the challenge of creating my own costume. Out of creativity, enthusiasm, and sheer geekiness, I chose the Golden Age Sandman as my costume. It was obscure enough that a few people would get it, but it also consisted of much of my own wardrobe.

(And especially since my Batman cowl bit the dust years ago)

The first photo shows two of the items which I had to purchase - a 40's style fedora (the Indiana Jones model courtesy of Izzy Rizzy's), and a rubber gas mask purchased online. (The gloves were old driving gloves of my father's) I had contemplated purchasing a real gas mask, but not only was it expensive, but I was concerned the federal agents might come to work, and that would be embarrassing. Especially the part where I would have to explain that no, it wasn't about my hogging the photo copier....

(Note -yes, the gas mask is not the classic 40's model. It is, however, keeping in line with a homemade Halloween costume. If you're going to comment that I got it wrong....please lighten up. It's November. We're moving on)

But anyway, next came the suit. Given that I did not own the classic Golden Age green suit and purple cape (and keeping with more of a Vertigo feel), I used a gray-style suit with a blue striped tie. Although one friend had stated that I looked "corporate", that was kind of the point (Wesley Dodds was a man of weath). Plus, it had the added advantage of being work-friendly, meaning that I didn't have to be the guy stuck in a Star Trek tunic during a business meeting...

(Speaking of which, two of my coworkers were creeped out by the gas mask, and I would like to apologize publicly. Next year, no masks for Halloween. Honest.)

The most important part, however, was
the overcoat. I opted for my father's old leather trenchcoat over the more Tenth Doctor-esque wool coat - mostly to keep the image and styling current, but more importantly...although the weather would have been conducive to both, the leather overcoat had just the right amount of noir style about it. It made the costume work.

(Not coincidentally, I thought of dressing like the 10th Doctor...but didn't think I had the build for it).

For those who want to see the finished product - and out of respect for those who might find masks creepy - you can click here. Either you will face your terrifying hour...or convulse with laughter.

Either way, an excellent Halloween.

P.S. Here's who I'm dressing up as next year.

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