November 10, 2009

Extreme Foodie

I have to admit, I'm a closet foodie.

With that waistline, I'm not surprised, many of you may be thinking to yourself.

But part of my work involves working with fellow foodies - I'm not the kind that only enjoys "fine dining", but I'm also on the quest for the perfect hot dog.

Which is why Man Vs. Food is one reality show that has quickly become one of my favorites.

In it, Adam Richman essentially travels the world and partakes of a location's particular culinary favorites.

But there's also a catch - in each one, there's a challenge. Whether it's the overstuffed sandwich challenge in Chicago, the "Eagle challenge" in Boston or even the "5 Malt Cup Challenge" at Crown Candy in St. Louis, there's usually some interesting little fact or particular "favorite" that makes each show enjoyable.

Does the show feature other great dining spots? Well, yes (in fact, I was glad to see that St. Louis featured both Fitz's and Ted Drewes Frozen Custard - it would have been a crime to avoid either one)....but there's enough local lore and, well, flat-out enjoyment of the more casual aspects of dining than in featuring the greatest local bistro. (If there's anything that the pop culture phenomenon of food/cooking shows need, it's the equivalent of a Mythbusters, focusing on more popular tales, more diner-friendly venues, and more focus on the out-of-the-way places very few television shows visit).

This is one of those series that I'm adding to my "Instant View" queue on Netflix, when I need such a fix.

In fact, I may even get cable, just so I can watch this "as it happens".

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