November 15, 2009

Living the Tweet Life

As many of you have read in this blog previously, I am a big fan of improv comedy. So much that I have had a little training (and I have had a short, traumatic career as an open mike comic - just ask a better, funnier, more talented person than I). So when I received the Twitter call from former co-worker/all around swell guy Mike to allow my Tweets to be used as fodder for improv at the Playground Theater, it was an easy "yes".

(Plus, as many of you who follow my Twitter feed can attest, I don't so much Tweet about a given field as much as I do engage in what I call "digital jackassery". It's the new social media watchword).

The premise is simple - an improv troupe like Mustang Repair takes a Twitter feed, randomly selects Tweets, and does improv in a program called "The Tweet Life". (The picture above shows me, the other Tweeter being featured, and pal Mike). And Mustang Repair's improv around @reedsmitty's Tweets were outstanding - in short, I will never think of pixie sticks and motivational posters in the same way again. A great start to a wonderful evening.

Then, there was a traditional improv show. Interesting for the commentary on Twilight, but again, they're the middle act. (And no, I didn't expect Mustang Ranch to do my Tweets, especially since familiarity with a Tweeter might lead to some self-criticism and second guessing...and folks, I like my improv spontaneous, free-flowing, and creative.)

But CEO of Everything? Totally blew me away with their takes on my Tweets. Granted, my digital jackassery may lend itself easy to improv, but what they did went beyond the pale. A tweet about hand sanitizer became an all-out examination of workplace behavior. Dean Martin singing "King of the Road" led to pure comedy gold. In short, after a rather busy and roughweek at work (mostly attempting to hit some key deadlines), it was good to know that being a geek paid off - CEO of Everything really capped off the evening.

(And as you can see in the above picture, being improv material increases overall mojo. Something for the less social of you readers to consider).

So anyway, the Tweet Life has demonstrated three things:
  • social media can be used in a variety of ways, including providing fodder for comedy and humor
  • I strongly recommend Mustang Repair's next show at the Playground on 12/04, and
  • I probably should make a point of attending improv classes at Second City next year

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