November 27, 2009

Two Holidays That Everyone Can Get Behind

Today is what is commonly known as Black Friday, when retailers of all shapes and sizes announce huge discounts on items in order to offset being "in the red" for most of the past year. For many, it's an increasing aversion to the upcoming Christmas season.

For others, most of the holidays have a decidedly religious slant, and if you're an atheist....perhaps you want your own holiday.

In an effort to build upon what I've blogged about this subject in the past (and based on a suggestion a from a little stuffed bull)...consider this my launch pad to make both Bogie Day and Serling Day the holidays of choice in the blogosphere.

"But Gordon," you ask yourself. "Why Bogie and Serling?"

Because both men were born on December 25th, and both encapsulate the ultimate in pop culture coolness. For Bogart, it was his ability to be tough and tender at the same time. His impact on many an actor in terms of overall cool and composure....priceless. For Serling (and Roger will back me on this), it was his ability to use science-fiction as a way of reflecting on the present, and for making science fiction on television seem almost effortless. His impact on pop culture (ranging from The Twilight Zone to Planet of the Apes) still has effects to this day.

"But Gordon," you ask yourself again as you read this, "How can I, a regular blogger, support Bogie Day and Serling Day?"

Here are some suggestions:
  • Bookmark/tweet this blog post with a #bogieday or #serlingday hash tag
  • Post this on your Facebook page
  • If you have a particular artist/writer/creative type who was also born on December 25th, blog/tweet about them.
  • Write a blog post before or on December 25th about your favorite Bogie or Serling work. (Or both - neither holiday competes with the other)
Granted, the current holiday seems to have morphed from one about sparkling insight and imagination, from encouraging brotherhood and who can get the coolest stuff for the least amount of money.

This year, let's make an effort to break that habit, to move forward in a spirit of unity, and to assert that just this once, we embrace all that is good in our world.

So who's with me?


Roger Owen Green said...

Serling. the name sounds familiar; what did he do again?

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