February 23, 2010

My Pop Culture Life, Part Deux

First, today was a very critical day in 1985, as Bobby Knight began his career as a professional chair thrower. But aside from the obvious joke, there's a reason why my activity has been, well, almost minimal on the blog.

Much of it is playing catch-up, but actually doing this crazy thing called life.

Last Thursday was spent with several of my high school classmates, planning our upcoming reunion, and, well, me asking for a long lost copy of my senior yearbook. (More details - with appropriate schmaltziness - to be found in this Facebook note). Highlight - when indicating former classmates to be located, one - a female - was greeted with the comment, "Gee, Gordon, you and she would have made a cute couple".

Now you tell me, I think to myself....(and I'm keeping her anonymous. She has a life of her own. No need to break her anonymity).

Saturday meant the Comics Meetup at Third Coast Comics (hi, Terry!) located at Broadway and Granville, where I managed to impress the guy who got me back into comics with a random DNAgents reference. (And watch this space for some potentially cool news. And in apology - the gentleman who e-mailed me about a newly published guide: I'm interested and would like a comp copy. Unfortunately, I cannot find your e-mail. My apologies).

But in many ways, things are starting to pick up, although I have to remember that although some parts of my life have me feeling very underappreciated and, well, dismissed (not going to air my dirty laundry in public - just saying that the winter months sometimes bring a little bit of the blues), it's the other stuff in my life that often keeps me going.

So here are some meetup pictures, and trust me, I'll be seriously blogging soon. As in "creating original content and not just recycling other stuff".

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