April 28, 2010

Presenting Zibit A

(Full disclosure - I received this cute, cuddly robot from Senario to write about on the blog)

Admittedly, I'm a guy who likes my toys, and so when I was contacted by Senario to get a "free remote control robot", I was...intrigued, shall we say.

(Hey, I have my very own Tenth and Eleventh Doctor sonic screwdrivers. My cubicle has enough toys to keep a small kindergarten class busy. I let my nerd flag wave freely, and I am not proud).

But anyway, at C2E2 I was introduced to this new product line of toy robots entitled Zibits - they're really small, remote control robots that are geared for eight and older....but are really cool and fun. They have different "characters" and personalities, and there are even playsets that integrate the Zibits. But on the whole, they are kind of fun to play with.

Admittedly, the "remote control" only has two directions - forward and round-in-circles. Rather than try to describe it verbally, let me use my new digital camera's video capability to demonstrate it more thoroughly:

(Obviously, the robot and I did not adequately rehearse - hence the hesitation at the beginning - and I'll be cleaning up my apartment this weekend)

The company's hoping to roll out into more general release - right now, Zibits are only available Toys R'Us - but this is one of those cool little gizmos that serves no other purpose than a few moments' distraction. It may be intended for kids, but quite frankly, it's a fine addition to the office.

Though probably not mine - I have a coworker who's really into virtual worlds, and he'll probably steal my Zibit....but that just means I'll have to buy a new one.

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