May 1, 2010

An Untold Tale From One Week Ago

I've spoken (pretty much on Facebook) about how much I enjoyed last week's high school reunion. But there's one story I would like to tell - it's one of the few times that...well, let me go into detail.

Without going into specifics, I was pleasantly surprised by the arrival of an old, dear friend. Someone with whom I share a great deal of affection, of pleasant memories (including an interesting lunch session and a mutual love of the Beatles) and whom...well, surprised the heck out of me.

As we were talking, this person asked if I had "kept up with the writing".

And then it hit me...even though I had dreams of being a writer in high school, I never realized anyone was paying attention. And someone did.

Sure, I stammered my way through the usual - yes, I did some writing, I blog, I also have had jobs where I've written....but in case this individual is reading, let me fill in the blanks:

I wrote a column in college. You would have liked it - in fact, one of my columns linked the end of the Beatles' post-breakup woes to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

In addition, I also wrote a screenplay in college. Turned it into a novel. Have a nice collection of rejection slips.

My blog - pretty darn impressive. I also have a column on a really cool website. Doesn't pay the bills, admittedly, but it keeps me creative.

And I have a photo of the two of us - it's one of my favorites, and I won't upload it here. It shows the two of us...well, just being extremely affectionate. Twenty-five years of friendship distilled in several megabytes. It's one of my favorites - I don't feel comfortable sharing it on the blog, though, because it's something I want to keep for myself.

(I can send you a copy, too).

And finally, I was always flattered that you thought I was cool because I liked the Rolling Stones' Shattered.

But the best memory of last week was the fact that, of all my classmates, you remembered a really cool thing about me...and let me know that.

I am touched. And I thank you.

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Roger Owen Green said...

This is a very sweet story. we all just want to be understood; you were understood, and in a very touching way.