May 18, 2010

An Open Letter to Steven Moffatt

Dear Mr. Moffat,

I wanted to take some time to address you publicly on your blog - I've really liked your past work on Doctor Who and was eagerly awaiting when you took over as showrunner/producer on Who.

Rather than go into a long, gushing note about how wonderful I think you are, I think I can break it down why I am liking your current work on Who in five simple reasons, plagiarizing another, better blog.

  1.  The tone is much gentler, more restrained, yet still exciting - unlike your predecessor, you've stated that you've felt that Doctor Who was like a fairy tale, and the tone has been adjusted accordingly. From script aspects to even the color palette, there is a great deal of restraint on the show, and after much of the sturm-und-drang of later Tennant...we deserve it.
  2. Matt Smith is pitch perfect as the Doctor - I have to admit, I had reservations about him due to his youth, but in a way, it works to his advantage: he's not the fan that Tennant so obviously was, and so there's some really great creative energy. Good call, Mr. Moffat.
  3. Karen Gillam makes a great companion - Not only is she one of the more unique companions, she's a redhead. You had me at redhead.
  4. The scripting around the "big bad" actually respects the audience's intelligence - without spoiling, you didn't just repeat the same motif (read: bad wolf) throughout a single season - you've done so in a way that actually builds and progresses a plot. Most of the stories have a higher level of polish and intelligence than in the past, and I for one appreciate it. And finally....
  5. Winston Churchill fights Daleks - you've been reading my high school journal, haven't you?
So all in all, so far, so good - I'm glad you took over the reins of Who. And don't be surprised if, at a convention, I give you a big, burly man hug.

Thanks again.

Your pal,

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