August 4, 2010

Coming In November....

Doctor Who(Image posted by hawk2009 on Flickr)

First, Matt Smith's first season on Doctor Who will be available on DVD and Blu-Ray on November 9th. Please feel free to click on the links to pre-order (and yes, I am an affiliate, and will get a small portion of sales).

Secondly, just received my three-day pass to Chicago TARDIS, and am now mulling the car rental vs. hotel room rental issue. (Yes, I live within a half hour's drive, but also think it's silly to get a hotel room...when it's only a half hour drive) Of course, I'm planning to bring a digital camera (and maybe invest in a nice digital recorder to send pal Chuck some audio), and hopefully, my photography skills will have improved since my teens. (See the photos below for an example from an 80s Who Convention.)


Siskoid said...

Nice sketch!

Gordon D said...

Thanks - although, in all honesty, I borrowed it from flickr. (I think I left the link to that member's Flickr page on the post)