January 2, 2011

Big Blog Plans for 2011

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(Obligatory aside to pal Roger - happy 2011 back to you)

Like many of you, I've made some resolutions for 2011, and one of mine - for the blog - is a continuation/driving forward of things I had done in 2010.

Look in the upper left corner of your screen - that's right, they're ads. My resolution for this blog is to begin slowly, but surely, integrate more advertising and revenue generation. Not much - if I can meet a goal of about twenty dollars a month (mostly to cover domain and podcast hosting costs), I'll be grateful.

In June 2010, I achieved that goal - my next goal is to be consistent and earn twenty dollars over two months.

And so, I'm going to be more "PR friendly", but not to the point of becoming a shill - I already have an affiliate relationship with Amazon; I've just joined the WB Shop's program, mostly to focus on the WB Archive (which is DVD-on-demand with some lesser known, but equally interesting titles - see the ad for Legends of the Superheroes above).

As I mentioned in a previous post, I'll also be receiving exclusive content on TNT's Falling Skies (Steven Spielberg's tale of kids and aliens). I'll also be posting banner ads for C2E2, since I'll be receiving a press pass.

However, this doesn't change one fundamental aspect of this blog - if you're a smaller, more independent publisher, and you want coverage, just contact me. Here is my review policy - I will follow FTC Guidelines, and although I can't promise immediate results (I still have a request from September in my e-mail), I will promise that you will get a response.

I'm a firm believer in grassroots, "word-of-mouth" marketing, and I would like to help in any way I can. If it fits, I'll blog about it.

So if you want to support the blog...I won't put up a PayPal link tip jar - to me, part of the fun of blogs is the sharing. But if you're tempted to impulse buy, and there's a link on the site....go ahead. I promise, it will only be used to support the blog, and not to buy baked goods at a fundraiser for Sarah Palin.

On that note, to thank you for reading, here's a YouTube video I had posted about a year ago, but still think it's awesome enough to repost:

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Roger Owen Green said...

Being a Chicago guy, tghought you might find this interesting: "Finding Vivian Maier".