February 6, 2011

Surviving SNOWMAGEDDON: This Week's Theme

Wintertime Douchebaggery
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Like many of you in the US, my home town of Chicago was hit hard by the recent snowstorm, which many have proclaimed has been SNOWMAGEDDON.

However, having lived through one blizzard (the blizzard of '79), I can honestly say...we in Chicago are used to this kind of thing. It's part of our character (although not necessarily a positive part, as I'll soon reveal).

So the past few days have seen me housebound, focusing primarily on catching up on videos, reading, etc....and in short, I'll be blogging my recommendations this week in an effort to build up the content on the blog, as well as engage in my usual digital shenanigans.

But first, a brief editorial about one of the things that I absolutely hate about Chicago winters - people who "reserve" parking spaces with plastic furniture.

Really? I mean, seriously - I get that you put a lot of effort into shoveling around your house, but to be as selfish as to "reserve" parking spaces? (I've seen this in St. Louis as well, but Chicago seems to be the worst offender when it comes to this). I mean, really?

Please don't give me the "I pay my taxes and it's my property" line - these are publicly funded streets. I'll remember that the next time my mother needs to be taken to the hospital - or even a doctor's appointment - and she slips and falls.

"Sorry, Mom, the driver could have parked closer, but hey, some dude placed a plastic chair to reserve his space."

It's selfishness, mostly - it's a feeble attempt to handle the harsh reality of winter by trying to control one small factor: having a place to park. (And my mother's neighbors are rather obnoxious about parking - trying to find a decent space in good weather can be tough. I won't identify where Mom lives, though, but I've never had a problem in my neck of the woods.

And neither do I own a car - when I rent or Zipcar, I always manage to find a good space to park. And I'm actually willing to park a distance away and walk because - let's face it - exercise is good.

But enough ranting - this week, I will share how I survived SNOWMAGEDDON...and tell you how you can, too.

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