March 1, 2011

Your Non-Charlie Sheen Moment of Zen

Wanted to bring your attention to something you can do if you're in the Chicago area....and you want to avoid the media frenzy around Charlie Sheen.

On March 8th, the Chicago Red Cross is sponsoring another of their Flirting With Disaster events. Since I am a volunteer and will be gearing work towards Mission: Red, I feel obligated to help encourage my Chicago pals to support this event.

Please feel free to register for the March 8th Flirting by clicking this link.

(Please note - despite picture, I cannot guarantee that there will be cake. Brownies were available in February, but I have no idea what the dessert choices will be.)

(On another note - if I attend, I promise that I do my famous Buster Keaton impersonation, as seen in this picture)

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