May 25, 2011

I Know Cool People, Part Four

As many of you are aware, I often like to highlight the accomplishments of my friends both online and offline on the blog, because - quite frankly - they deserve it.

Today's edition actually comes as the result of being unemployed - having copious free time allows me the chance to catch up on such tasks as polishing my resume and listening to podcasts (Of course, it also means that many of my dining options include Ramen noodles, but there you go). One of my current favorite podcasts comes from pal Chuck at Comic Related.

Chuck's a good guy - he often publishes my writing, and it must be tough for him to transcribe my faxed loose leaf sheets written in crayon into a workable online format. Plus, if you haven't read Comic Related, trust me - it's a good group to hang out with. But a recent edition of his Related Recap podcast was really impressive, mostly because it featured an organization that I wish I could work for. Or, at the very least, help out on a volunteer basis.

Episode # 273 of the Related Recap focuses on the Sequart Research and Literacy Organization, a non-profit down in Edwardsville, Illinois (close to my old home town of St. Louis) that focuses on comics as a literary and art form...and that actively encourages study and discussion into the field. Most of their efforts seem to go into documentaries and books...and fortunately, I had the chance to read and enjoy one of their works.

Gotham City: 14 Miles is a critical examination and exploration of the 1960s Batman television show. OK, you're probably wondering at what point I've consumed the Kool-Aid, but this isn't just a isn't-it-cool tome. It actually makes some serious points about how the show progressed (arguing that the first season - a more straightforward reflection of the comics - is the strongest), and the variety of perspectives really makes for a pleasurable, enjoyable read.

But I'm grateful for Chuck to highlighting an organization that speaks to me on a personal level - a group that believes, like I do, you can talk about comics and television without engaging in the more obnoxious behavior that often accompanies fandom. That you can be smart about being nerdy...and that you can actually be distinctive and individualistic, and who are actually making some serious effort with some great projects.

So here's an offer for the fine staff at Sequart - please take a lok at my Linked In profile, and if I can help connect you, drop me a line. More than willing to help.

And kudos to Chuck, a man whose work - and headgear - continue to impress me on a daily basis.

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