June 17, 2011

Learn About Learnapalooza

As many of you fine blog readers know, I love to argue. Maybe it's because I'm half lawyer on my father's side, but for me, there's nothing like the free exchange of ideas....but sometimes, it can be a little tough.

You also know that I have a strong professional background in community engagement and organizing. So I'm more than happy to say that I will be a presenter at Learnapalooza, presenting - for the first time in five years - "Argument Clinic", a presentation about how to argue your case. For example, it is probably not wise to counter someone's argument at a meeting with "I call you on your b******t - you're being vague." Publicly. In front of people.

(Yes, it happened. I was there. I witnessed it)

But what is Learnapalooza, you may ask? It's a day long learning festival held in Wicker Park, where people share their experience with others. It's not just dull, boring stuff either - it's making sandwiches. And digital photography. And learning community organizing from a pro like Tom Tresser.

(I've actually attended a session of his before, and he knows his stuff. I want to be like him when I finally grow up)

But if you're in town on Saturday, June 25th, please feel free to sign up for one of the fine classes available. Or, if you want to sign up for mine, here's the direct link (but really, sign up for more than one. I did it last year, and had a blast. You will, too). Follow them on Twitter at learnapalooza or the hashtag #lapchi.

And while you're waiting, please feel free to check out my most recent post on Baker Street Blog, as well as an upcoming TV Party for Comic Related. (I'll be writing that later today, and spoiler alert - there will be frequent mentions of the words "green" and "lantern" in it.)

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