June 14, 2011

Pulp Fiction, 21st Century Style

I admit it - I like pulp fiction. My boyhood love of Doc Savage and young adult reading of Raymond Chandler and Jim Thompson has turned into a full-on curiosity and exploration of lively action, adventure, and - let's face it - simply written fiction that demands the reader turn the page. (It also helps that one of my Comic Related pals is very knowledgeable - and extremely active - in pulp circles.)

Since I'm always on the look for expanding my pulp palate, I took advantage of an offer on the Comic Related forum - a one-shot story, "Pulptress: Black Mask, Big City" by Tommy Hancock of Pro Se Productions.

Without spoiling it, it was a piece of good, old fashioned entertainment, and I mean that in the best sense of the word.

We live in a time when much of our popular culture is influenced and driven by much of past. "Black Mask, Big City" is a pretty solid tale - yes, it does read a little anachronistically (it took me a few moments to realize that it took place in the 1940s), but in all honesty, it was a pretty engaging read.

At a time when I've reevaluating my entertainment purchases (Ramen noodles don't buy themselves, you know), I might just want to take a step backward if only to enjoy other entertainment moving forward.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go reread The Spider Vs. The Empire State.....


Ron Fortier said...

The Pulptress will next team up with Brother Bones in a little gem called BUTCHER.

Braedenalex said...

Thanks for the blogging, Gordon...The Pulptress though is set in modern day...in the style of the 40s but modern day....so if I've confused you, let me know what part did:) I wrote it the way I did to show that the Pulptress functioning in the modern day using skills and such classic pulp heroes would use.  And Ron, can't wait for BUTCHER

GordonDym said...


The confusion was, more than likely, purely mine: I probably just assumed that it was the 1940s rather than let the tone stay independent of the time.

That will teach me to read more carefully :)